Baby bedding.

Baby bedding.

Ukrainians are more likely to think about bringing a child. Most families in the country have only one child. Percentage 72

groups of melancholic people – bright colors. Use red, yellow, green more often. Little melancholic – very vulnerable, sensitive, sympathetic. Experiences, it is difficult to endure minor problem incidents. The group of toddlers of the cholera group of temperament is characterized as fast, agile, passionate, unbalanced, unstable.

Show violent emotions to parents. A set of children’s bedding is required in a pastel color. Natural fabric necessarily prevails in home kits. The child is active in a dream.

Friction of the tissue occurs, possibly a subsequent allergy. Phlegmatic is the fourth type of Hippocrates’ classification. The main thing for parents of phlegmatic is to buy baby bedding inexpensively, cheaply. After all, the owner of the set does not care. These are not empty words, the baby is characterized by a low level of activity, slow, calm, constant mood, expressionless facial expressions.

By the face of a phlegmatic, you cannot determine the mood of the baby. Baby bedding for boys and girls is also different. Adults choose a blue, blue, green set for the boy. For the girl, colors are selected red, orange, pink.

By size, the sets can be divided into: baby bedding 1.5 sleeping and in a crib. The Enei-Plus factory offers kits based on cartoons of the Winx fairies, cars, lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse, Angry birds, with princesses, SpongeBob, Spongebob.

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