Bakelite plywood: features and applications.

Bakelite plywood: features and applications.

Bakelite plywood, or FBK, is not only highly resistant to moisture, this material has a number of unique qualities that are successfully used in various areas of construction. Birch or pine veneer, high temperature and pressure, as well as an alcoholic solution of phenol-formaldehyde resin (bakelite varnish) is a “recipe for preparing” this type of plywood, which distinguishes it from other types of plywood products, for example, FSF and FC. You can find out detailed information about FSF and FC plywood by reading a special article at the link.

We will return to bakelite plywood, its features and outline the main areas of application of this material.

Basic properties of bakelite plywood.

increased resistance to moisture, fire, chemicals and temperature extremes; good wear resistance and preservation of initial properties even under conditions of intensive use for 10 years or more; wide application in a wide variety of industries.

Features of the production of bakelite plywood Bakelite plywood is also called delta wood, bakfaner, marine, marine, shipboard, chipboard-10, bakelized, wood-laminated plastic. Moreover, the production of this material always implies the following stages:

veneer is impregnated with cresol or phenol formaldehyde resin; the process of pressing and gluing plates (pressure – 6 atm., temperature – 270 ° С); finished sheets are covered with bakelite varnish.

Scopes of Buckfanera.

It is not for nothing that we mentioned a huge number of names of bakelite plywood, which for the most part indicate the main scope of this product. And if earlier, during the war years, delta wood was used for the needs of aviation, today buckfanera is an irreplaceable material in shipbuilding. The hulls of yachts, boats, boats and other vessels are sheathed with bakelite plywood.

Buckfaner has found its application in the truck industry. Open side bodies, containers and trailers are made from it.

Hydraulic structures, in particular sluices, hydraulic gates and similar structures, also cannot do without bakelite plywood.

Decks, partitions, awnings, arches, niches, floor foundations, roof battens, formwork, as well as cladding of kitchens and sanitary areas, furniture production, billboards and stands are a few more applications for bakelite plywood.

You can learn more about other types of plywood in the review, the link to which we gave above. There you will also find information on where to order high-quality plywood from leading manufacturers.

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