How to choose the right uninterruptible power supply for your computer.

How to choose the right uninterruptible power supply for your computer.

With frequent power outages, the user thinks about how to choose a UPS for the computer. An uninterruptible power supply helps you avoid losing important data and prevents software damage caused by improper shutdown of your PC.

The stationary computer works from the UPS for 20-30 minutes. But there are devices with increased battery capacity.

Types of uninterruptible power supplies.

Devices differ in capacity, principles of operation and some other parameters.

There are 3 main categories of devices:

line-interactive; reserve; online.


Designed for computers during power outages or power outages. After the power is restored, the utility power is restored. Standby UPSs are small in capacity.

They briefly support the functioning of computer technology.

The design is quite simple. The backup sources are not equipped with stabilizers. When the parameters of the electrical network are changed, the equipment switches to the mode of operation from the battery.

This negatively affects battery life. Budget UPS models are connected to constant voltage power grids.

Linear interactive.

The cost of such models is higher than the price of the previous ones. Regular voltage surges are not reflected in their functioning. The stabilizer automatically adjusts the parameters of the device to the supplied current.

When the voltage rises or falls, the computer does not start operating from the spare power supply. This extends the battery life. Most often, impulse models are used to maintain the functioning of office equipment.

Online power supplies.

Powerful expensive devices provide double conversion of the supplied voltage. The alternating current is rectified, turning into direct current. At the exit, the opposite process takes place.

The stable current is converted to alternating current, which is required for normal PC operation.

Online power supplies have suitable technical characteristics to maximize the protection of the PC from the influence of voltage surges. Online uninterruptible devices are often used at server stations.

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