Smartphone review ASUS ROG Phone 5 (ZS673KS)

Smartphone review ASUS ROG Phone 5 (ZS673KS)

From generation to generation, Republic of Gamers gaming smartphones are a kind of challenge for the manufacturer to himself and to competitors in the field of mobile gaming. The devices are equipped to the maximum with the most current technologies and characteristics, in some places you are even amazed. The idea of ​​a kind of platform for testing new technologies and options was expressed in his material by Eldar Murtazin, I advise you to read it.

In this text, we will talk about the basic model of the line, without any Pro or Ultimate consoles. At the same time, you should not take this fact as an indication of a more budgetary positioning, during the review we will make sure that everything in the smartphone is at the level. There is a possibility that this version will remain the only one on the Russian market, there is no information on other models yet.

Design, dimensions, controls.

When you turn it on for the first time, everything seems as familiar and familiar as possible from the previous model: protective glass on both sides (albeit in front this time Gorilla Glass Victus), a fingerprint scanner in the screen, a metal frame, a front camera hidden in a thinner display frame, and about the same dimensions, except that the thickness has crossed the psychological barrier of 10 mm.

In terms of connectors, the situation is similar to ROG Phone 3: from below – a 3.5 mm jack returned from oblivion and Type-C for charging, on the left – another Type-C, combined with a port for connecting accessories. Here you can connect, for example, the updated AeroActive Cooler 5, it will be supplied separately. Its use will reduce the temperature of the ROG Phone 5 case by 15 degrees.

An additional feature of the accessory is the presence of two physical buttons for control in the game, if you get used to it, the advantage in the game will be obvious, because the less the screen is obscured, the better.

Parity and keys: both are located on the right in the same layout, the difference is, perhaps, in the pink-red accent of the power button, the slot for 2 SIM cards is highlighted with the same shade, it is also present in the design of the back. In its design, this time they decided not to show the evaporation chamber of the cooling system, focusing on the combination of various geometric textures. It looks stylish and neat, even in spite of the color accents, the design is not striking in the usual mode.

The activation of X mode (performance mode) changes everything: just below the geometric center of the backrest, the pixel ROG logo lights up, RGB lighting in the best traditions of gaming gadgets and accessories is customizable, there are several effects. In combination with a geometric pattern on the back, it looks nice, if, of course, you generally like backlighting. The camera module, according to my impressions, has become a little larger, but has not increased in thickness, which is good news.

The smartphone is visually nicer than its predecessors, it would be interesting to look at the white version. The tactile sensations are at a height, except that the weight of 240 grams is immediately felt and the case is not the thinnest. The glass slides in the hand; for this case, a branded thin case is provided in the kit.

There is still no protection against external influences, as well as wireless charging. In my opinion, the first subjective drawback is more significant. After the video with the crash test, it became clear that they experimented with the internal layout of the smartphone, and not entirely successfully.

On the other hand, hardly anyone will apply the same force to him as Mr. Nelson, at least one would like to hope.


The diagonal of the AMOLED display installed in the ROG Phone 5 is 6.78 “, which is slightly larger than the screen in its predecessor and brings us closer to 7 inches. The screen is an E4 panel made by Samsung, and in combination with the great work carried out by the engineers, this immediately determines many positive characteristics: the most accurate color reproduction at a color depth of 10 bits and support for HDR10 / HDR10, brightness up to 1200 nits in automatic mode. Do not forget about the 144 Hz refresh rate at a sampling rate of 300 Hz, any slowdowns and lags are excluded, including in games, in fact, everything was started for this.

Cherry: The display has a coating that eliminates fingerprints.

It is easy to get used to the high refresh rate, but it is not easy to return, for example, to 90 Hz, the difference is immediately evident. Over time, the increased hertzovka has already reached smartphones in the segment up to 15,000 rubles, then more. What remains for the flagships? Increase hertz and decrease response time. Well, the protection of Gorilla Glass Victus is still purely the lot of flagship devices.

In the settings, you can still either set the automatic hertzovka mode, or select one of 4 parameters – 144/120/90 or standard 60 Hz. In any case, the system will automatically adjust the hertzovka to the current scenario, otherwise the autonomy will be noticeably not in the best shape. Yes, and this is all despite the set frequency, we are not talking about the auto mode, the approach is thorough.

You can also customize the color temperature, as well as choose the style of the clock in Always-On mode. At low brightness levels, DC Dimming is available, plus for those affected by PWM. I tried in every possible way to find objective flaws in the display and could not.


The battery capacity has remained unchanged, the same trustworthy 6000 mAh, except that the battery is now two-component, in fact, we have two batteries of 3000 mAh each. Thanks to software optimizations, the manufacturer promises a long battery life. In everyday use, the ROG Phone 5 can show the result of up to three days of use, if, of course, you put on a more gentle hertz and not flirt with the brightness and watching videos, and even more so with games.

In normal operation with 144 Hz, the battery was discharged on the third morning, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet were turned off at night.

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